Any concrete surface having any type of coating applied to it needs to be prepared first. Even if you are painting the concrete floor it is imperative that the surface be profiled and cleaned to ensure proper adhesion. All the above are techniques used in concrete floor and surface preparation. If there are coatings that need to be removed first before installing any type of new coating such as Epoxy it MUST BE removed. Diamond Grinding, Scarifying, or Shot Blasting is the best way to remove old coatings. Contact us to assist and consult you on the best method of removal. Shot blasting is most commonly used on new concrete Surfaces but not always. Old concrete construction usually has coating materials that need removed before new ones are applied. 

If you need line removal in your facility, we can perform this with minimal to no etching on the concrete floor. By using a combination of paint removers, scraping, and burnishing/polishing pads, we can remove the paint without scarring the surface.

Interior line removal needs to be done by an expert to ensure the concrete surface is not damaged. Let the professionals handle this laborious task.

Methods for line removal include:

Surface Preparation

Paint Removal

Coatings Removal

Trip Hazards

Airport Runway

Rubber Removal

Shot Blasting

Diamond Grinding


What to do after removal is complete?

After the removal process it often is not a bad idea to have the cement floor sealed only where the removal areas were. This will protect that area as it was before the paint was installed.

Our crews can mobilize to prepare your surface for you next overlay coating project. There are several methods depending on what material you are applying and what profile is needed on the existing surface. Call us so we can consult you on the best method for your removal project..


Why so many methods?
Depending on how many layers of paint, sealers, and possible coatings will allow us to understand what would be the best option to start with.

When removing multiple layers of paint we oftentimes use a combination of these methods. There is no easy answer to line removal. All these methods are used in different steps to remove painted lines so there is the least amount of disruption to the surface of the concrete floor. Each method above has several different steps and tooling attachments that make line removal truly something unique that requires experience. For example, diamond grinding has dozens of different diamond heads, and diamond pads that will leave a smooth finish or be more aggressive. Before even getting to that finish the painted lines may need to have been scarified and shot blasted before this step.
Line Removal at US Stationers – Cranbury, New Jersey