Epoxy Markings Will Look Professional And Organize Your Work Space. Need The Markings Removed When Your Lease Is Due? Not A Problem!

We Install Durable Epoxy Floor Markings That Last and Hold In High Traffic Areas.  All areas of markings are profiled with steel shot (shot blaster).  This is very similar to sand blasting and provides a sandpaper finish to the cement allowing the epoxy to adhere.
If you need it removed we can do that also. We can polish these areas to remove the old lines and bring the floor back to the smooth finish it once was.

Please realize while most of the information on our website is showing you what makes markings permanent it is important for you to know that we can also not make them permanent in case you are concerned about having to remove markings when your lease is due.  We have the ability to remove markings when you need also.
Ware marking removal methods can vary widely. It all depends on how many coats of paint you have to remove. It also depends on if these markings were shot blasted prior to being installed. Different types of paint come up differently. There are an array of methods to removing paint from the floor and having it done to leave the most minimal surface damage is very important.

NEED LEAN 5S to become Standard in you work place? Let us standardize your work flow and organize your space with markings that do not fail in high traffic areas. Our system saves your bottom line by not shutting down for constant repaint work.

Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain

We can assist greatly in your 5 S lean program by helping you sort your inventory and standardizing your pedestrian, tow motor traffic, and general work flow.  What makes us different is we can actually save your bottom line by installing floor markings that last so you will not have to repaint them and you will maintain a professional image. . This provides standardized markings that can be cleaned easily and will look professional for your operation.   If for some reason your lease is expiring and you need to have your lines removed that is also not a problem. We offer all types of marking system that can accommodate your needs.


Do you need floor markings that WILL NOT fail?

Epoxy coatings and floor markings when installed properly will outperform conventional methods by factors of 10 to 100 in most cases.

  • If your painted floors are constantly needing to be repainted than we can help
  • We can save maintenance costs and downtime in your facility with our system. 
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Conventional methods do not work – These methods of warehouse floor painting will not allow markings to adhere to concrete that is not properly cleaned and profiled.  Conventional methods look good for about a month before they will begin to break from the surface, collect dirt, and quickly look very old.  Depending on what your expectations are we can fulfill  your needs.
Depending on what type of floor you have will determine the best marking material and floor prep for your warehouse striping project.
Promote safety and efficiency in your place of manufacturing, such as with plant or warehouse line painting, with markings that are durable and easy to maintain. Applying the correct materials to your concrete surface requires experience and the proper surface preparation. ProMark can offer the best materials for warehouse striping that will be compatible with your surface to provide a long life and durability. Installing markings that are resistant to heavy tow motor traffic, chemicals, and that outperform conventional methods is our area of expertise.

Similar to parking lot striping, floor markings are one of the best ways to create a visual workplace. With the variety of colors and shapes of floor markings available, this can be easily accomplished. One of the concepts behind Lean is this notion of “kaizen” which means continual improvement. This can be applied to floor markings as well.


  • Our system will last 5 to 20 times longer than conventional methods, depending on the conditions.
  • Tired of constantly having to repaint old, faded line striping that will not hold up to tow motor traffic.
  • We can install durable warehouse markings that will promote safety, organize your inventory, and save you money and downtime that’s associated with routine maintenance

Old Faded Line Striping or Aisle Way Markings in your place of business can be avoided by having it done right.  We can install your lines to last while being very easy to clean .
Lean and 5S Floor Marking Considerations
Many facilities have adopted Lean Manufacturing or 5S Systems to increase efficiency. These programs are enhanced by highly visible floor markings to enforce strict organization to facilitate increases in efficiency.

Lean also encourages the suggestions of all employees as a way of continually improving operations. Often the people who understand the best placement of the floor markings are the ones who work on the floor daily, not necessarily the management. The Kaizen Cart was inspired by these concepts, and is a way of fostering these powerful concepts as they apply to the floor.