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    ProMark Contracting has extensive knowledge in durable safety markings and we have the experience in how to apply several materials that will meet your expectations in high traffic areas. We specialize in indoor and outdoor safety markings and how they will adhere to your surface.  One of our goals is to educate and bring awareness to our customers  of the several other materials available today that will out perform conventional methods of water base paints. There is always a place and purpose for water base traffic paints but in high traffic areas where durability is a necessity we have excellent solutions.
    Durable Markings consist of epoxies, MMA’s, thermo plastics, and pre-formed thermo plastics.¬† We have the equipment and knowledge for installing these markings while also being able to install the conventional water base paint markings.¬† One of the most important parts of instaling any type of durable marking is having the surface prepared correctly. We have the most efficient equipment to prepare an asphalt or concrete surface which gives us a competitive advantage over others in the industry.
    With our knowledge and experience we can execute the best plan to complete your parking lot / warehouse line painting  project and introduce no interference with normal operations at your place of business.


    We have great confidence in our ability to carry out any job with professionalism and efficiency which makes our cost to you very competitive. The knowledge we can offer to suit your best interest is covered since we can install what ever type of safety markings you desire. All types of markings have their place.

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